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LAARS Mascot Boiler
Fully Packaged Wall-Mounted Commercial Boiler
The new LAARS Mascot wall-mounted commercial hydronic heating boiler is compact, easy to install, easy to service, and delivers seasonal efficiencies as high as 96%. The Mascot's long list of standard built-in features offers contractors many competitive advantages over other manufacturers' designs and offers end-users more value for their investment.

Mascot's standard features include:

  • Compact design allows installation easily in closets, alcoves, laundry rooms, and other tight spaces.
  • Fully condensing operation (with built-in condensate trap), fan-assisted sealed combustion with modulating gas valve that varies from 30% to 100% input, and multiple venting options increase efficiency, performance and flexibility.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger with externally welded manifolds for better flow rates and protection against leaks.
  • Multiple units (up to three) can be manifolded together to meet the requirements of larger applications.
  • Built-in low-water cutoff, automatic DHW priority valve, and automatic pump exerciser, and time delay.
  • Built-in automatic air elimination vent, manual system fill valve and boiler drain, back flow prevention, and expansion tank.
  • Each unit ships with all necessary connections, isolation valves, and unions for water and gas.
  • Heat exchanger is warranted for ten (10) years; parts are warranted for two (2) years.
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LAARS Mascot Wall-Mounted Boiler

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Mascot Ratings
Input; output; boiler pressure; maximum boiler temperature; and electrical requirements.
Model HT 1.450 HT 1.650
Maximum Input MBH 167.3 241.6
Maximum Output MBH 153.6 221.8
Minimum Input MBH 55.6 73.4
Minimum Output MBH 52.1 63.3
Maximum Boiler Pressure psi 30 30
Minimum Boiler Pressure psi 7.25 7.25
Maximum Boiler Temperature F 176 176
Electrical Supply Volts 120VAC 60 Hz 15A 92W
Fuel energy input and heat energy output measured in BTUs per hour x 1000 (MBH).
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Mascot Dimensional Data
Physical dimensions; connection sizes; and approximate shipping weight.
Model HT 1.450 HT 1.650
Height in. 38 38
Width in. 24 24
Net Depth in. 19 19
Heating Supply Inlet in.
Heating Supply Outlet in.
Gas Supply Inlet in.
Air Inlet Diameter in. 3.93 3.93
Exhaust Outlet Diameter in. 2.36 2.36
Concentric Vent Diameters in. 3.15 - 4.92
Flue Terminal (2-Pipe) in. 3.14 3.14
Weight lbs. 141 159
Physical dimensions are approximate. 
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